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By The Numbers

Zachary Hubbard's decoding with Gematria

Use the most advanced Gematria calculators on the
internet at:


We are living in a moment where we are lied to several times a day, many
different ways, for many different purposes, none of them which are beneficial
to us or our children's futures. If you're concerned about this world you're
living in and can see that something is wrong, but can't quite put a finger on
it, please watch the videos I routinely create on this channel, exposing how our
daily mainstream media deceives us for the purpose of serving an agenda that is
not for 'we the people'.

This channel is dedicated to exposing who is behind this propaganda, and how we
can put an end to them once and for all. It is also dedicated to expanding
consciousness, through teaching the beneficial skills of numerology and
Gematria. Please subscribe and share to help make this a greater community of
truth seekers, sharing knowledge and expanding horizons. It has been growing,
day by day, ever since I started it.

Zachary K. Hubbard's YouTube Channel

Zachary K.
Hubbard's Blog - Free To Find Truth

The Gematria Effect
Wednesdays 6:00PM-9:00PM (Pacific Time) /
9:00PM-12AM (Eastern Time)

Can reality be predicted by understanding the underlying mathematical make-up of
reality? Zachary K. Hubbard breaks down this week's current events, predicts the
outcomes of (rigged) sporting events, and exposes the on-going web of lies and
distractions with careful calculation.

Freemasonry is an international organization beholden to Jewry with the
political goal of establishing Jewish domination through world-wide revolution.

Part 1- How to Gematria Lesson (Ultimate Edition)

Look At This Car
Look At This Car!!

Alone In The Canadian Wilderness
Alone In The Canadian Wilderness

Source: Survival Lilly
Music: May's Playlist
Murdoch Murdoch
Murdoch Murdoch

This trio—comprised of Murdoch, Dr. Murdoch, and Murdoch-Chan—blends lo-fi graphic design, chan humor, and absurdist storytelling to critique the filth around us while inspiring our remnant to take action. In this conversation, the Murdoch Murdoch team hit on a variety of topics, including their own personal influences, the future of the alt-right, and the artistic symbolism of gassing Dr. William Luther Pierce.

Murdoch Murdoch: It started out as just animated shitposting. Once the 'migrant' crisis started that caused us to start taking things more seriously. We never thought we'd gain much of an audience, but the Internet has a place even for artists like us.

As far as inspirations: South Park, Adult Swim, Akira, LotGH, Marcus Aurelius, Machiavelli, Donald Trump, various WWII documentaries, 80s pop culture, etc. And of course: Kubrick.

Murdoch Murdoch are makers of animated white nationalist comedy videos.


The characters in these videos are: There are two men--a blonde named Murdoch and a brunette named Dr. Murdoch. Then there is a redheaded woman named Murdoch-chan.

The three characters represent different groups within the alt-right. Murdoch is a libertarian. Dr. Murdoch is a nationalist. Murdoch-chan is a national socialist.

Murdoch often has yellow fever. He has had a hapa girlfriend at one point. The hapa girl was a national socialist. He also has a fetish for Tila Tequila that continued even after Tila had a child.



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